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The young pâtissier Maurice Corné

In 1932, the young pâtissier Maurice Corné decided to go into business as a chocolatier, setting up shop in Brussels’ Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potagères. It was an inspired move, which met with immediate success. His business took off and very soon he had a 30-strong team working for him, counting among his loyal customers some of the great celebrities of the day. Maurice Chevalier never missed an opportunity to indulge at “Mr Corné’s place” when passing through Brussels.

Corné Port-Royal was first known as “Corné” after its owner Maurice Corné. However, in the wake of his dazzling success as a chocolatier the rest of his family had started to get ideas. Seeing his success, his brothers and sisters also duly took up making pralines. To distinguish himself from them, the chocolatier decided to add a regal touch to his name, and thus Corné Port-Royal was born.

In 1935, Maurice Corné created the ‘Manon Sucre’ which is now a permanent fixture in Belgium’s cultural heritage. The Manon Sucre is a delicious praline which combines the smoothness of cream with crisp nougatine and the tang of fresh walnuts. This is always an artisan-made praline, hand enrobed with confectioner’s sugar.

The young pâtissier Maurice Corné

Today, with 90 years of experience behind it, Corné Port-Royal continues in its tradition of authentic recipes and gourmet artisan expertise. Some fifty artisans work daily to prepare chocolates whose recipes have remained unchanged for over a century!

To seduce the most discerning palates, only the best single-origin cocoa and the finest raw materials are selected. Ethical chocolate comes from sustainable sources, with pure cocoa butter and without added vegetable fats. Whole milk and butter comes fresh from the dairy. Finally, Corné Port-Royal still continues to take an artisan approach to chocolate making, whilst insisting on the most scrupulous compliance with rules on health and safety, quality and traceability.

Corné Port-Royal has some twenty boutiques within Belgium and fifteen in France. Its most famous is in the Galerie de la Reine arcade. With its Art Nouveau decor, sophisticated displays and cosy ambience, it epitomises the true spirit of Corné Port-Royal.

Galerie de la Reine
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